000 - Coding for fun and profit
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000 - Coding for fun and profit

My name is Simon Soriano. I write about how certain technologies work under the hood, my experience as a Latinx in the tech industry, how to grow as a Software Engineer, and books.
000 - Coding for fun and profit
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My name is Simon Soriano, I'm a Colombian Software Engineer based in Amsterdam. I've been coding almost every day for the past 13 years since I started participating in programming competitions in 2008, and I've been coding professionally for 8 years.

I've worked at Uber building developer tooling and infrastructure, I've been a freelancer and web developer. I've failed to build my own SaaS company. I also enjoy teaching so I've authored 2 online courses for Platzi and I've been a mentor in a programming bootcamp.

I'm currently the proffessional I dreamed to be when I graduated from University. I'm working at Vectorized.io, building cloud infrastructure and distributed systems, solving challenging problems while working remotely with a team of incredibly talented people, and earning a great salary.

I'm lucky and grateful for every person I've met and every experience I've gone through which has somehow contributed to me being in the place I'm currently at.

I'm starting this blog as a way to improve my writing skills and to share what I've learned during these years.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of topics I'll write about:

  1. How certain technologies work under the hood
  2. My experience as a Latinx in the tech industry
  3. How to grow as a Software Engineer
  4. The intersection of psychology, philosophy, and software engineering
  5. Books

I hope to help someone out there looking for advice or information about how to become a better and happier software engineer.

- Simon